Who we are?

Kenshusei Martial Arts is a traditional dojo where one comes to practice the refinement of the body, spirit and behavior. You train not only to defend yourself from others, but also to confront your own worst enemy - Yourself.

"The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy's not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him."

- Sun Tzu

Budo - The way of the warrior

Bu means to "stop the attack" and suggests the best way to do so is to live in peace, and defend that peace.
Do suggests a path that takes one where they want to go. In otherwords, self-cultivation.

At Kenshusei, we practice budo. Unlike many other modern martial arts schools, we do not practice some form of sport boxing or wrestling. Your environment is not a gym or weight room, but instead a place you are supposed to honour and respect. The dojo is a battlefield on which you will confront your worst enemy and the person who has caused you the most difficulty in your life. You.

Remember that you will be training in martial arts, not flower arranging. In a good dojo, your teachers will push you to your limits, and at times there will be physical and psychological discomfort. By reaching and surpassing this threshold, you will discover your true self and realize your potential.

Our Philosophy

As a symbol, Kenshusei's school crest means "The Art of War" in Chinese and stems from an ancient Chinese treatise written by Sun Tzu 2500 years ago.

What it means

The symbol epitomizes the mental attitude that one must attempt to win without battle, loss or injury, whether in war, self defense, business or in academic activities. For total victory, one must have knowledge of, and be able to use strategic planning to force the enemy to give up or retreat. This is the essence of training at Kenshusei Martial Arts.

Our Values

At Kenshusei, we place high importance on tradition and knowledge and expect of you to do the same. You will be asked to abide by the following three pillars of strength.


Holding the teacher in high estimation, showing gratitude for Martial Artists who have sacrificed for the benefit of unknown future generations, and encouraging and empower junior ranked students.


Adherence to a strict code of values and morals. A person who is trustworthy, loyal and virtuous.


A privilege bestowed upon those with particular virtues, such as bravery, humility, integrity; on the basis of merit, not entitlement.